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British John Bradley

John Bradley is the Team Leader and the Rifleman. He is the Lynchpin of the team and is a natural born leader.

Events of Conflict Desert stormEdit

He First starts of rescuing his friend Paul 'Eagle - Eye' Foley, the Team's sniper'. Then he and Foley are Sent to Kuwait city to find the Emir and Mick connors, The Team's Heavy Weapon's Specialist. After the team was extracted, the Emir went into hiding, and he met and new addition, David Jones. From there the four Take out a Airfield, Then taking out many SCUD Launchers and Protecting Dr Franklin in disarming a Nuclear Warhead. After assassinating General Aziz, the Emir Thanks Bradley and the other Team members for there efforts.

Events of Conflict Desert Storm 2.Edit

Bradley And the Team starts of sabotaging a Convoy of Iraqi Vehicles on the way to a base. He and the team then are sent to Al - Hadar to search for Delta - Two. After finding The Team of three, they suddenly get attacked by a mortar team and only the Sergeant survives. After holding a Communications bunker from Iraqi armour Teams from attacking fleeing American Delta Teams. After taking out a towns communications tower, Bradley and the Team are Captured and sent to a Gulag. Bradley was the first to escape thanks to a bombing run. He, alone Frees Foley and Locates a big Ammo Dump. He finally Finds the Team and escapes, while also taking out a Big Underground Base Full of SCUD missiles and Iraqi Armour. Bradley and the Team finds a local U.S Command post and Prevents a big Kuwaiti oil Factory, while covering Delta Teams. Then they Take a airport and takes out Iraqi Superguns. The Emir again, thanks then for what they did.

'Thats that boys! We won, Time to go home!' - Bradley.


Bradley always keeps a cool head under fire. He always makes tricky situations look like a pic - nic and is deadly serious.


  • The British Bradley has a distinctive Cockney - London accent.
  • The American Bradley is born in Chicago, Illnois.
  • Bradley always is equiped with either a M - 16 with Grenade Launcher or a silenced version.



Bradley With Connors


Bradley Covering Jones

DesertStorm 2012-05-31 02-13-06-84

British John Bradley


American Bradley

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Red Team Bradley

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