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British Foley

Foley is the best sniper. He is a crack shot with any sniper rifle, British, american or russian. He can take out any target at any length

Events of Conflict Desert StormEdit

Foley is the first character you see. He, along with another SAS (Or Delta) trooper setting explosives. After he warns the Trooper about being spotted. They finally raise the alarm, the trooper dies but Foley is only injured, The Iraqis capture him and put him in a cell at there small command post. Bradley frees him the next day and destroys the bridge, completing his original objective.

From there the four Take out a Airfield, Then taking out many SCUD Launchers and Protecting Dr Franklin in disarming a Nuclear Warhead. After assassinating General Aziz, the Emir Thanks Foley and the other Team members for there efforts.

Events of Conflict Desert Storm 2.EditEdit

Foley and the Team starts of sabotaging a Convoy of Iraqi Vehicles on the way to a base. He and the team then are sent to Al - Hadar to search for Delta - Two. After finding The Team of three, they suddenly get attacked by a mortar team and only the Sergeant survives. After holding a Communications bunker from Iraqi armour Teams from attacking fleeing American Delta Teams. After taking out a towns communications tower, The group are taken to a Gulag, Bradley frees him and the others and they escape by car, while also taking out a Big Underground Base Full of SCUD missiles and Iraqi Armour. Foley and the Team finds a local U.S Command post and Prevents a big Kuwaiti oil Factory, while covering Delta Teams. Then they Take a airport and takes out Iraqi Superguns. The Emir again, thanks then for what they did.

'You're Still Ugly!' - Foley, jokingly to Bradley.


Along with Jones, Foley is very quiet.


  • The British Foley has a Liverpool accent, but in CDS 2 Foley has a Scottish accent.
  • The American Foley is born in Jacksonville, Alabama.
  • Foley actually goes missing three times. Firstly in the beginning of CDS 1, then in the Gulag in CDS 2, and then covering the squad as they escape.



Foley, in the drivers seat

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Foley, 'Taking the shot'

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